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Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) is a hormone that has shown a great deal of promise. IGF-1 is a polypeptide hormone that is made up of 70 interconnected amino acids. While its molecular structure earned it the title of "insulin-like growth factor," its function is more closely related to the human growth hormone (HGH).

In fact, HGH is an IGF-1 precursor that stimulates the production of the hormone in the liver. Once IGF-1 is produced, it absorbs into the bloodstream and regulates cell growth, division and repair. These benefits have many adults looking to buy IGF-1. While synthetic IGF-1 is only available with a prescription, consumers can get the hormone from nature deer antler velvet supplements.

Why Athletes and Bodybuilders Need to Buy IGF-1?

To build larger skeletal muscle, athletes must break down and rebuild their muscular tissue. This is typically done through strength training and other vigorous activity. To facilitate muscle growth, many athletes buy IGF-1. IGF-1 increases the division of muscle fiber, supports muscle repair and enhances muscle cell growth. This decreases the recovery period required between workouts and naturally increases muscle mass.

In addition to building muscle, IGF-1 also heightens athletic performance. The hormone allows athletes to train harder, longer and with more strength than they could previously. IGF-1 also improves the immune system, supports the joints, strengthens the bones, supports sexual function, provides energy and improves a person's health.

How to Buy IGF-1?

Antler velvet supplements are now widely available online and in sports nutrition stores. However, like any type of consumer product, not all antler velvet products are the same. Athletes who want to buy IGF-1 will want to buy premium antler velvet. Products that contain poor quality velvet or meager doses will not be effective.

To buy IGF-1, consumers will want to look for a few tell-tale signs of quality. The first thing to look for is the source of the antler velvet. For premium quality, antler velvet should be collected from deer that were raised on a certified farm.

It is also important that a product delivers a large supply of antler velvet. Some products contain as few as 10 milligrams a serving. Even if the velvet is of a high quality, this is not enough to produce the intended results. To get the maximum benefit, look for products that contain around 100 milligrams per serving.

One product that offers this much deer antler velvet is AntlerX. AntlerX delivers a generous 100 milligrams of certified, farm-raised velvet in each serving. One bottle of AntlerX provides users with 60 servings of antler velvet, which should last approximately one month. When combined with regular exercise, one month should be enough time to enjoy visible increases in muscle mass, obvious improvements in ability and valuable improvements in overall health.

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