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Deer antler velvet is a fitness secret that is quickly becoming mainstream. Antler velvet has been used for its medicinal benefits for thousands of years. Today, athletes and bodybuilders who want to enhance their athletic abilities and improve their physique most commonly use this substance.

While deer antler velvet might seem like a strange choice for a sports supplement, this substance contains a very important compound called insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1. IGF-1 is a hormone that is produced in the liver when signaled by the human growth hormone, or HGH. This hormone is the growth factor that carries out many of the functions that are commonly associated with HGH.

Why Buy Deer Antler Velvet Spray?

Athletes buy deer antler velvet spray to safely increase their supply of IGF-1. Deer antler velvet contains a highly active form of bio-identical IGF-1. Also, because the hormone is naturally derived from an animal product, athletes can legally buy deer antler velvet spray without a prescription.

Antler velvet spray is not only readily available it is extremely beneficial. IGF-1 is a powerful growth factor that causes rapid cell division, cell growth, improved immune system function, enhanced immunity, increased energy, more restful sleep and greater athletic performance. Due to its effects on the cells, athletes are able to build more muscle and quickly recover from sports-related injuries. The hormone's effect on the metabolism also makes it easier to lose body fat.

In addition to IGF-1, deer antler velvet contains collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin. These compounds support healthy cartilage, protect the joints and improve arthritis. For athletes who suffer from chronic joint pain, deer antler velvet is one of the best substances to naturally treat their condition.

What Athletes Must Consider Before they Buy Deer Antler Velvet Spray?

Athletes who want to buy deer antler velvet spray have dozens of options available to them. Sprays are available in different price ranges, sizes and formulations. There are so many choices that choosing a spray can be quite the chore.

While it might be tempting to purchase the most affordable product, this is not always the best idea. Deer antler spray is one supplement that consumers won't want to skimp on. Like many supplements, antler velvet sprays are generally priced according to their potency, quality and quantity. Choosing the cheapest spray available can leave athletes with a poor source of antler velvet.

One product that passes even the closest inspection is AntlerX. AntlerX is ultra-concentrated and delivers 100 milligrams of premium deer antler velvet in every serving. The makers of AntlerX are so dedicated to quality that they only collect velvet from the antlers of healthy, farm-raised New Zealand red deer. To ensure that users get the most from their spray, AntlerX also provides athletes with niacin, amino acids, zinc and testosterone-enhancing tribulus terrestris. Athletes who want the most anabolic natural supplement available will want to buy deer antler velvet spray by AntlerX.

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